Climate Changes

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Climate change is affecting the Nordic countries in several ways. The region is vulnerable
and will be affected by an increasing number of devastating natural events threatening
our societal security.
Most of the big cities as Helsinki, Copenhagen etc. will take care of this themselves. There’s too much value to protect, and they will do so, they will mitigate these impacts, but
many small remote communities don’t have the same resources and focus. So that’s our
concern. We wanted to look into these small remote communities, how they can handle
extreme weather events.
The CliCNord research project funded by NordForsk has examined how small remote
• understand their situation
• handle adverse events and build capacity
• need help from the established system and civil society organisations and under what
The research project focus on storms in the Faroe Islands, flooding and cloudbursts in
Denmark, wildfires and temperature extremes in Sweden, landslides and flash floods in
Norway and avalanches in Iceland.
In the Faroe Islands they are having more intense storms. In the remote areas they have
limited access to authorities that can assist them. They live in a very troublesome terrain.
A storm can hit all over the Faroe Islands, at the same time. So people are prepared to
mainly take care of themselves, at least for some hours
Periode27 feb. 2024
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