Development of a Baltic-Nordic Sensory Integration (SI) Basic Course Curriculum

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    This project is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project. It is the first project to start adjusting the level of pediatric occupational therapists within the field of sensory integration in Nordic-Baltic countries. The project aims to:
    1) Develop of a Baltic-Nordic curriculum for the promotion of knowledge and professional skills within the field of sensory integration in order to strengthen the ability of occupational therapy practitioners to conduct a systematic assessment of SI and provide individually tailored SI intervention within their own countries.
    2) To create a foundation to future Baltic-Nordic cooperation in the field of sensory integration through project activities such as 3 training modules for practitioners and students as well as organizing the first Baltic - Nordic conference.
    3) To create strong collaboration relationships between Baltic-Nordic occupational therapists to educate and train occupational therapy students and occupational therapists further on after the end of the project.
    Periode14 okt. 202216 okt. 2022
    BegivenhedstitelEnothe Annual Meeting 2022 Georgia
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