Scope of drones and AI usage in disaster management and humanitarian aid

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With this study, WFP and the Emergency and Risk Management Programme at University College Copenhagen, KP, will investigate the strengths and limits of the use of drones and AI in the disaster management cycle with a focus on the response phase. We will also identify the interfaces of data collected by drones from above and by humans on the ground. Combining drones, AI and human ingenuity, ethics and good judgement open up several areas of potential for improving work in the entire disaster management cycle.
The aim is to make improvement in all phases as timely and accurate as possible, making sure that the data needed is collected in cost-effective and efficient ways, while also maintaining a people-centred focus for an appropriate, relevant and coherent intervention. The assertion is that holistic assessments, including focus on exposure, vulnerability and coping capabilities, will be strengthened by not relying on data collected and interpreted by technology or people alone.


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  • FNs World Food Programme


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