COCOREDP – An efficient co-creative model for competence development, by research, development, and practice engagement

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The current healthcare research model is inherently wasteful due to its difficulties to integrate practice, research, and education efficiently and effectively. In contrast, our proposed collaboration method, tested over close to two years through two projects with municipal home care practitioners, integrates research into competency development for employees and leaders. This approach combines research, practice, and competency development to swiftly address challenges encountered in practice, ensuring practical applicability beyond theoretical frameworks.

Action-based learning and research approach supporting a process of change and renewal in practice.

This kind of collaboration leads to:
1. Experience of mutual improvement through understanding:
• Improvement of each core task
• Understand and achieve the projects goals.
2. The challenge of investing in collaboration:
• The lure of fragmentation
• The conflict between creativity and efficiency
3. Avoiding waste
• Avoiding research waste
• Escalation and impact through education
This summarize what can be termed as positive experiences, challenges, and main practical lessons for reproducing this model of collaboration.

The Key elements for success in this form of collaboration is a collaborative framework, that enables dialogue and adaptability. The collaboration has an overlapping responsability which requires a safe environment. The didactical and the research approach must be adaptable to the development of the project.
It is possible to establish collaboration between Research&Development, Further Education, and practice strengthens all areas which reduce economical and research waste. Systematic data application contributes to organizational changes and ongoing competence development. Practice retains competence development benefits alongside qualified research-based organizational changes.

Publikationsdato19 sep. 2024
StatusUdgivet - 19 sep. 2024
BegivenhedNIPNET - Interprofessional Education and Collaboration for Sustainable Development - Copenhagen - University College Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Danmark
Varighed: 19 sep. 202420 sep. 2024


KonferenceNIPNET - Interprofessional Education and Collaboration for Sustainable Development - Copenhagen
LokationUniversity College Copenhagen