Training Incident Commanders’ Situational Awareness: A Discussion of How Simulation Software Facilitates Learning

Stella Polikarpus, Mikkel Bøhm, Timo Tobias Ley

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Abstract. In larger atypical emergencies the lives of victims and firefighters depend on the incident commander’s decision-making skills. In this paper, we discuss how different software programs facilitate significant learning experiences for the incident commander’s situational awareness.
Current research shows that situational awareness (SA) is key to effective decision-making and safe performance in the event of any incident. In time-critical situations it is hard for the incident commander to understand limited information and to forecast future events. SA is taught in various ways, using different technologies and methods. Computer-based simulations are promoted to improve incident commander training. However, how to employ computer-based simulation tools to help learners to achieve SA-related learning outcomes is still unclear.
We analysed the relation between SA and the learning process by identifying learning outcomes using significant learning taxonomies. We compared facilitation of SA training, based on learning outcomes and assessment criteria, by building the same scenario in two different training software programs.
We concluded that E-Semble virtual reality training software for safety and security – XVR On-Scene – allows learners more freedom while supporting training for all three SA-related learning outcomes. On the other hand, Digital Combustion Fire Studio 6 is easier for trainers to use and is a lower-cost tool for training in local content-based standard operating procedures (SOP). Both programs could be used to offer feedback for understanding SOP if self-checking tests for learners are built. Computer-based simulations support facilitating SA training only if the trainer knows when and how to use simulations.
Publikationsdato9 maj 2018
StatusUdgivet - 9 maj 2018
Begivenhed International Council of Educational Media - Tallinn, Estland
Varighed: 5 sep. 20187 sep. 2018
Konferencens nummer: 2018


Konference International Council of Educational Media


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