Verdensborgerne og den interkulturelle læring i sprogfagene

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The paper presents a new book: Verdensborgeren og den interkulturelle læring [The Global Citizen and Intercultural Learning].

The book addresses teachers and teacher educators at all educational levels and in all subjects, but with an empirical focus on the teaching of English, German and French in Danish lower secondary education. The choice of the term ‘global’ is taken very seriously in the book: Learning materials as well as the teaching itself are seen as windows to the world and as contributing in various ways to the global education of students. What images of the (complex and multicultural) world are being furthered in language teaching and other subjects such as social studies, history and geography? The six central chapters deal with different dimensions of images of the world:

• Where are we in the world? (a national approach)
• Where are we in the world? (a transnational approach)
• What images do we meet? (a visual literacy approach)
• Whom do we meet? Who are we? (a Cultural Studies approach)
• What problems do we take up? (a citizenship education approach)
• Who has written this and why? (a critical media literacy approach)

In the lecture, we will present some examples of intercultural learning processes – from noticing over comparing and reflecting to interacting and acting. Among the various processes we will emphasise three: The students’ development of their identities as global citizens, their development of perspec-tive, awareness, and their training in contextualisation – locally, nationally and globally.
Publikationsdato20 nov. 2020
StatusUdgivet - 20 nov. 2020
BegivenhedSELF- Konference
Faglig fordybelse i engelsk
- Hotel Ansgar, Odense, Danmark
Varighed: 19 nov. 202020 nov. 2020


KonferenceSELF- Konference
Faglig fordybelse i engelsk
LokationHotel Ansgar


  • Uddannelse, professioner og erhverv
  • Verdensborger
  • Interkulturel læring
  • sprogfag
  • engelskundervisning