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KP has a vision that empowered professionals are the key to realizing society’s highest ideals and solving its most difficult problems. Research plays a central role in ensuring the future’s strong professionals succeed in and with practice. Our close relations to practice provide a unique opportunity to make a difference. We conduct applied and practice-oriented research in close cooperation with public and private partners. Our research and development create knowledge that strengthens education, the professionals’ practice, and solves societal challenges.

KP has 9 research environments targeted at solving one or more key societal challenges:

  • Learning, education, and well-being in school
  • Pedagogy and didactics in vocational education
  • Social work
  • Educational research in children, youth, and adults
  • Societal safety and security
  • Nursing and health
  • Health for children and adults
  • Management and organization in professional practice
  • Health and technology

  • The last five years have seen collaboration and top research areas, which can be explored by clicking on dots and points for details.

    Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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