Hesitation: – exploring ambivalence, ambiguity, and avoidance in children’s educational lives.

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This article wonders about children’s practices of hesitation in their educational lives and explores hesitation as performances of the affective navigations that children scruffle with in their everyday educational lives. The article departs from a multisensory study of children who began afterschool clubs, as they started in middle school. A beginning where choice-based pedagogies accelerated processes of responsibilization and individualization for the children. The paper empirically unfolds the children’s practices of hesitation during this beginning and conceptualizes hesitation as the wavering between attachment and detachment. The article suggests, that paying attention to children’s practices of hesitation, affords exploring how children navigate complexities, like new beginnings, in their educational lives. From this, the paper unfolds how exploring children’s hesitations can become a way to notice the easily overlooked, in educational systems that tend to favour verbalization and ‘loud’ behaviour.
Translated title of the contributionTøven: - undersøgelser af ambivalens, ambiguitet og undvigelser i børns uddannelsesliv.
Original languageEnglish
JournalBarn – forskning om barn og barndom i Norden
Number of pages12
Publication statusSubmitted - 20 Mar 2024

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